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School Information

Due to Covid-19 guidelines,  some procedures are temporarily suspended 

Our Procedures

  • Arrival- School starts at 8:00 A.M.  Students are LATE at 8:01 A.M.  This is new!  

There are three options for arrival.

  • Bus- Students riding the bus unload on Jamestown Road.  No vehicles are allowed in the bus loading/unloading area before 8:00 a.m. Students must have a bus card.
  • Car Rider- Students being dropped off will use the Mandalay Dr. entrance on the back of the school.  Traffic is ONE WAY-west to east. Please do not enter from the east and break line.
  • Walkers- Students walking to school must be on campus before 8:00.  A walker is defined as student(s) walking to and from school beyond the crossing guard.  Students CAN NOT be dropped off on Jamestown Road in between the crossing guards. This is a HUGE safety concern.  Students cannot be dropped off by parking in a Jamestown Road parking bay either. Walkers must enter from a point beyond the crossing guard.
  • Dismissal- School dismisses at 3:00.  There are four options for dismissal.
    • Car Rider- Students may be picked up in the back of school off Mandalay Dr.  Please have a Thames parking decal in site to expedite the pick-up process. If everyone works together, we can get car rider systematic and quick! Traffic is ONE WAY-west to east.
    • Bus Rider- Students will ride the bus from school to home.  Students must have a bus card.
    • Walkers- Students walk from the school campus beyond the crossing guard.  Students CANNOT be picked up on Jamestown Road between the crossing guards. Additionally, they cannot be picked up in a parking bay located on Jamestown Road. This is a safety concern.
  • Checkout- If you need to check out your child, you must do so prior to 2:30.  We start afternoon announcements and movement toward dismissal after 2:30.  If you are ever running late for an appointment, please call and we will be happy to help accommodate having your child in the office early.  When students start being pulled out of their routine that is when students get sent to the wrong place. For the protection of your child, please respect and adhere to this process. We are here to welcome you and help you; however, we must implement standard operating procedures to ensure everyone is treated fairly.
  • Visitors - All parents and guardians are welcome at our school and encouraged to be actively involved in student learning.  Teachers will schedule events for parents to attend and help in the classroom. Parents volunteering must complete a volunteer packet prior to assisting.  These packets may be picked up in the office. To ensure we can accommodate a parent’s request for classroom observation, please call to schedule an appointment with the teacher.  As a safety precaution to protect both visitors and students, one of our teachers or administrators will escort all visitors while on campus. Thank you for supporting our commitment to keeping all children safe and ensuring limited interruptions to instruction.

Our Culture

  1. Rallies- Rallies are our way of celebrating student accomplishments- academic, athletic, and social.  We will have rallies each quarter.
  2. Spirit Shirt Friday-Each week your child is present at school on Monday thru Thursday, they can wear a spirit shirt with their uniform bottoms or jeans on that same Friday.  Our goal is to increase attendance. When your child is at school, we can teach him/her all the content for success. Our PTA will be offering shirts to be purchased very soon.  The proceeds from the sale will be money used for student celebrations.
  3. School Wide Class DoJo/PBIS- Your child’s teacher will send the link for you to sign in so that you can actively monitor your child’s behavior, class updates, and school news.  Students can earn points for positive behavior rewards conducted each month.
  4. Zero Hour- Each morning students in grades 3-5 will report to the gym after breakfast for walking, dancing, listening to music, and socialization.  Movement increases academic focus. We want all the students to have this opportunity. Students K-2 will experience stretching and movement in the cafeteria.  Both groups will listen to announcements then report to class for great learning.
  5. League Time- This is an in-school tutoring opportunity that allowing students to work on specific skills they need for success.  

Our Commitment

We will strive to keep you informed of all events at our school through use of Instagram (@thameselementary), the Thames website (thames.hattiesburgpsd.com), classroom dojo (to be sent by the teacher), and hard copy newsletters sent home by the student. Please do not hesitate to contact us with questions.