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At-Home Learning Websites

The following websites are excellent sources for at-home practice aimed at skill mastery and reinforcement. Students should be guided by parents and spend time working on a variety of learning activities.

On this website, students should login with their school lunch number and the password is xxx.

This website allows students to select their grade level, subject area, and level of difficulty of each practice test.  It immediately scores the test and gives the results.

Most parents think this website is for watching snipits of shows, but if you go to “games”, you will see a drop down list that allows you to choose what type activities/subject you would like for your children to do.

This site is mainly letter recognition with some associate sounds.

This site has printable activities for a variety of age ranges that go along with the Dr. Seuss books. For many activities, the children will need to read the book first to be able to complete the activity.

This website is an excellent source for mastering math skills through fun games.

Many numeracy and literacy games beginning at a low level are available on this site.

We believe that literacy – the ability to read and understand – is the birthright of every child!

This website is filled with research-based, standards-aligned educational math and language arts games.

Hundreds of educational games, activities, quizzes, articles and more, for kids and everyone to use online – and free!

Helpful and interactive website for all ages and in all areas!

Printable worksheets and tutorials for all ages and all subjects.

*These sites are recommended by Thames teachers and this list was compiled by Tracy Robinson.

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