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Spring Fever

posted Apr 29, 2015, 1:54 PM by Elvira Deyamport
Ms. Moss' class has been busy learning all about SPRING! Their units have detailed weather, birds, bugs, and planting. During their gardening week, they learned about the parts of a plant, watering plants, and planted flowers for Mother's Day.  They even participated in a Google Hangout in conjunction with Mrs. Brewer's class with the help of Dr. Will to learn more about growing schedules, farmer's markets, and much more in the Minnesota area. During a field trip, they also visited Shady Acres to see how plants and fresh produce are sold and saw how they are turned into dried fruits and vegetables. Finally, on Earth Day, the class participated with the Thames family to honor former classmate, Marley. All in all, Ms. Moss and her busy crew have enjoyed harvesting with University Baptist members for the last planting of vegetables for the school year.  What a great way to welcome, spring! 

Ms. Moss and Mrs. Brewer's class talk to gardner from Minnesota via Google Hangouts! 

Ms. Moss' class planting a tree in honor of their classmate, Marley.