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March Career Cluster: Hospitality & Tourism

posted Mar 27, 2015, 12:50 PM by Tiffany Carter   [ updated Apr 1, 2015, 8:13 AM ]
Mrs. Williams' second grade students participated in a discussion about tourism and hospitality. Students shared experiences about going on a trip/vacation and how tourism and hospitality played a part in their trip.

Ms. Flescher's second grade students watched video clips discussing jobs in hospitality and tourism for our March career cluster. As the students watched the videos, many students found an interest in hospitality jobs such as hotels and restaurants. As a class, they discussed the actions on what needed to take place in order to work in the hospitality or tourism field.

Fourth grade students engaged in a discussion about three main reasons people travel: The answers ranged anywhere from family reunions to job related. Students were given the opportunity to describe places they had traveled and elaborated on how they spent their time. 

Students learned about the purposes of postcards, how people use them, and how to write and address one to mail to a friend or relative. 

     Students designed their own postcard and wrote a short message on the back with a fictitious address.

Darian Washington, a sixth grade student, led a  discussion and provided a description of  his family's Bed& Breakfast.  He talked about the upkeep and all the work that goes into running the family business.

Ms. Smith's first graders watched several videos about New York and Florida attractions.  They discussed travel experiences, hospitality management, and how to plan a trip.  They also discussed the job of a travel agent and hotel manager. The students created brochures highlighting the main attractions of a state of their choice.

Mrs. Harper's kindergarten class learned about hospitality. The students learned how to serve others and use good manners at a restaurant.