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April Career Cluster: Human Services

posted May 4, 2015, 11:54 AM by Tiffany Carter   [ updated May 4, 2015, 11:57 AM ]
4th Grade April CC (Stringer, Warrington, Posey)

Students viewed 2 informational rap videos from Flocabulary pertaining to Earth Day and the Water Cycle. Students engaged in a collaborative discussion about what they learned about the water cycle and the importance of conserving and recycling. Students created a "Love the Earth" poster by tracing their hands, coloring and labeling the continents of our earth.   The human services component was tied into this lesson in regards to helping the earth.


6th Grade (Walker, Branch, Holliman)

Sixth grade examined the legal side of human services. Students learned about jobs 
as probation officers, legal counselors, and youth workers, and crime prevention  specialists. We incorporated our fields of study into a mock trial scenario, where students acted out roles of different jobs that relate to families and human needs.

First Grade April CC (McNair, Adcock, Reynolds, Smith, Lafitte)

Anita Knott came to speak to first grade about what it means to be a social worker.  
She used a group of volunteers from each classroom to act out short skits about the 
work that she does.  She explained different scenarios to the children that included 
a problem and solution.  She also got the children to give ideas about how to solve each problem.  She talked about what to do for people who are sick, sad, and hungry.  The kids loved the presentation.

J. Harper - Kindergarten

Mrs. Harper's class has been learning about different professions. We have learned that there are different types of social workers such as: mental, child and family, and hospice. Harmony is showing an example of a child social worker at school and Anna Grace is having some issues with being treated unfairly.