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1st Grade: February Career Cluster

posted Mar 2, 2015, 9:56 AM by Tiffany Carter
We had Dr.Will Deyamport speak with our children about the possible occupational opportunities that relate to technology.  He showed a PowerPoint that explained the careers they could choose.  He discussed car maintenance, film industry, career in animation, etc.  

He explained how so many career choices include technology now.  He also showed them what technology could do for us in the past and in modern times.  He showed a video of an entire orchestra that was played on I Pads.  It was amazing!  The children loved it. He also showed a video of a virtual choir that took place using technology.  

Singers from around the world participated via Computers.  He was very enthusiastic while discussing what the children could do in a career with technology.  He also told them how to get started.