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Mentos Experiment

posted Apr 29, 2012, 7:10 PM by Elvira Deyamport
The students in Ms. Tracy Robinson's REACH classes recently conducted a popular science experiment using Mentos candies and different types of soda. 

Soda and Candy eruption (also known as a Coke and Mentos eruption or a geyser) is a reaction of carbonated beverage and Mentos candies. The numerous small pores on the candy's surface catalyze the release of carbon dioxide (CO2) gas from the soda, resulting in the rapid expulsion of foam.

The structure of the Mentos is the most significant cause of the eruption due to nucleation. Prior to the experiment, the students closely observed the candies and made predictions about which brand and type of soda would create the biggest geyser. The winner was Diet Coke!