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Math Skype Buddies

posted Sep 3, 2011, 3:20 PM by Elvira Deyamport

Last week, Mrs. Deyamport’s Teaching Enrichment Activity (TEA Time) group had their first Skype call of the school year with another 3rd grade class in Nebraska. During TEA Time, we focus on reviewing and applying different math skills in a fun way. And what a better way to review place value than by playing a guessing game!

Mrs. Deyamport’s class played the game 0-99 Guess, where the objective was to have each team ask a series of yes or no questions to guess the opposing team’s number.

Students also had assigned Skype jobs during the call that included:

  1. Super Stars- These two students greeted our partner class and sat in front of the webcam to ask the yes/no questions.
  2. Number Keeper- This student was in charge of writing our class number and referring to it when we were asked questions by our partner class.
  3. Runners- There were two runners for the whole class. Each runner had to obtain the question that was to be asked and whisper it to one of the Super Stars for their group. Runners had to also check with question keepers and problem solvers at their table before delivering their questions to the Super Stars.
  4. Question Keepers- There was also one question keeper in each group. Their job was to write down all the questions that we asked in order to ensure that we did not have any duplicate questions.
  5. Problem Solvers- The remaining students in the class were problem solvers. Each problem solver had a laminated 0-99 chart that they could mark on. Their job was to eliminate numbers throughout the game.

Overall, our students had a blast playing the game with another class. They worked well as a team and used their problem solving skills to eliminate numbers. They also did an excellent job of carrying out their Skype jobs.