Thames Elementary...where all students are engaged in challenging work that educates learners today to become leaders tomorrow. 

   We believe it is our obligation to ensure that all children learn by providing them with engaging and challenging educational opportunities.

    We believe it is our obligation to guarantee that our Thames family will be treated with respect in a safe, nurturing environment. 

    We believe that teachers are leaders, guides to instruction, and designers of engaging work for all students.

    We believe that our parents are our partners in promoting a positive, learning enriched environment.

    We believe it is our obligation to make a positive difference in each student's life helping each student to become a self-disciplined and self-motivated learner for life.  

Awards Day Schedule

Community Based Award’s Day – May 12 (9:30am)

1st/2nd Award’s Day—May 12 (1:00 pm)

PreK/K Award’s Day– May 15 (9:00am)

3rd/ 4th Award’s Day– May 15 (1:00pm)

5th Award’s Day– May 16 (1:00pm)

Field/Fun Day—May 18

Last Day for Students—May 19 (60% day)

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Thames Elementary School    

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